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Who We Are

Since 2002, Aims Digital has been focussed on training using technology. We have been involved in the development of a variety of learning courses and multimedia solutions.


We provide expertise and guidance to organizations that

  • Are evaluating expansion of their training programs to next generation of learning

  • Need to reorganize and restructure their existing training programs

We help clients analyse their existing training gaps and design a solution to achieve their learning objectives faster by creating detailed plans for execution and implementation and avoiding common pitfalls.

We also assess and evaluate technology needs and training software selection for implementation of training solution.


We Propose SMART training solution that is:

  • Effective

  • Efficient

  • Reusable

  • Scalable

  • Easy to use

  • Engaging

  • Cost-effective

In today’s age, with technology evolving by the minute and the availability of an overwhelming number of training products, defining a clear path of action towards a winning solution is most imperative.


Bringing Vision to Life

Our Mission: To translate the L & D´s strategic vision into tactical day-to-day skills and activities driving business impact.


What We Do

We build learning solutions. Having spent over a decade creating meaningful learning experiences, we know how to deliver apt learning solutions for customers across business verticals. Our heuristic approach aims at delivering an immersive learning experience for maximum impact.

We follow a strong, result-oriented process to ensure our clients’ training needs are fulfilled effectively. We focus on addressing your training needs, using our experience and expertise to create training that works. Our team has expertise working with various e-Learning tools and coupled with our learning design experience, we can help you with every aspect of training – e-Learning, mobile learning, audio/video-based learning, and even material for Instructor-led or virtual training.

We have a client base of over 100 satisfied customers, and have delivered over 1000 hours of learning – each tailor-made to meet the client’s requirements. Repeat business comprises around 90% of our business, vindicating our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Do I convert/create Mobile Learning or contract to have it done?

Do I convert/create Mobile Learning or contract to have it done?


Any organization that is considering the possibility of introducing mobile learning (mLearning) in its training programs would have to make choice between a home brewed and an outsourced solution. The decision however is not simple or straight forward, as a number of challenges need to be addressed. Those are:

  1. Selection of appropriate mobile Apps for the purposes of the mLearning program.
  2. Methodology of mobilizing learning and teaching.
  3. Ways of connecting trainers and learners using mobile Apps

Let’s look at each of these challenges in a bit more detail.                                                                                                                                                                                    

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The 10 top mistakes made when creating an eLearning program

The 10 top mistakes made when creating an eLearning program


An eLearning system is usually defined as the use of electronic media, information and communication technologies in education. Any teaching methodology that includes types of media that deliver text, audio, images, animation, streaming video, and technology applications using channels such as audio or video tape, satellite TV, CD-ROM, computer-based learning, local intranet/extranet and web-based learning can be classified as eLearning. It is worthwhile to look for the common pitfalls or mistakes that are likely to happen during this process.


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The 10 top mistakes made when creating a Mobile Learning Course

The 10 top mistakes made when creating a Mobile Learning Course


A typical eLearning program consists of 30 to 45 minute interactive sessions, with additional data provided for later references. Most course materials are delivered through audio, images, video along with a few lines of text. Aided by powerful interactive possibilities, the entire course is kept on track by a Learning management System (LMS).

It would be obvious to any user of an iPad like device that an eLearning session on a tablet or a smart phone would be vastly different. A Mobile learning system is not an eLearning system slapped on a mobile device. It really happens to be in a different class altogether. Anyone who is thinking of creating or migrating to a mLearning system should recognize this crucial fact. This also means that the constraints and opportunities that are a part of the mobile ecosystem must be considered before attempting to design a new mLearning course. Let’s take a look at the common pitfalls or mistakes that can derail this process:


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