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Let’s do away with storyboarding…

Let’s do away with storyboarding…



Imagine starting out on a road trip to a new destination, without a road map (or the GPS lady!) – you’ll probably end up regretting starting out at all! It’s the same thing with a storyboard – love it or hate it, you just can’t do without one. I mean, who really likes putting in tons of details like onscreen text, graphics description, animation description, interactions… into one document? Nobody, right? Yet, with all those elements left out, we would just be creating voice-over scripts and leave the rest to Fate!

To the uninitiated, a storyboard is probably a waste of time. To the hardened eLearning professional, it’s a life-saver. A storyboard addresses the W’s and the H’s of a learning plan. Borrowing from the principles of journalism, let’s see how it all fits in… 

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