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Form-Fit-Function – Is it Applicable in the eLearning Industry?

Form-Fit-Function – Is it Applicable in the eLearning Industry?

Can learning be ‘engineered’? What if we were to use best practices from other domains to improve the way we create learning? Here’s how a basic concept from the manufacturing industry can be adapted to the learning industry.

While working on a project for a manufacturing organization a few months back, I had created a storyboard on Form, Fit, and Function (also referred to as FFF or F3 in engineering parlance). I hadn’t thought much of it back then, but for some reason it stayed at the back of my mind and lately, it’s been haunting me every waking hour.

Why, a voice in my head screams out, can’t this concept be applicable to the learning industry as well? So, having mulled this over, I’m now putting my thoughts down on paper.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
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