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4 Tips for Writing Meaningful Learning Content

4 Tips for Writing Meaningful Learning Content


There’s content, and there’s content. However, not all content is conducive for learning. And therein begins the slide of your storyboarding efforts towards ineffectiveness.

Here are some tips that can help you write meaningful content, which could lead to effective learning.

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Social Media in Office? Are You Serious??!!

Social Media in Office? Are You Serious??!!


 Oftentimes, corporate employees need to undergo training for their overall development and progress. On the other hand, you may have to take the role of a teacher to share new business strategies, technologies, and skills at a workplace. However, we cannot just throw knowledge aids at the learners and hope that they will retain the knowledge. Moving away from the out-dated idea of "learning being all about formal training events or online courses," Social Learning has become a much more recognised concept at a workplace since the dawn of social media. 

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6 Tips to Gain Your Learner’s Attention

6 Tips to Gain Your Learner’s Attention


Every so often, while developing an eLearning course, we think about the different strategies and instructional models that will help us to create an effective eLearning course. But, an important aspect of this effectiveness is capturing the learner’s attention. In today's world of fast-paced life and short attention spans, if you haven't managed to capture your learners’ attention, they will not be ready to accept what you have to offer. Thus, a hurdle that all learning architects face is to gain and retain the learner’s attention.

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