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Keeping Pace, with mLearning

Keeping Pace, with mLearning

Learning whenever, wherever, has never been easier, with the development of mobile device educational technology. Mobile phones, tablets, handheld computers and notebooks have become more than mere communication, social media, and gaming devices, they can now be utilized as easy to use and extremely portable means of which to further your education. 


Keeping it simple:

mLearning places a strong emphasis on short, digestible, easy to absorb segments of data. Too much information overloads the reader, discouraging them from study.


Widespread growth and development:

Over the last decade the use of mobile devices for learning and study has grown from a niche interest to significant projects everywhere. Classic educational settings such as schools and universities to museums and workplaces have become hubs for mobile learning. The potential for development is exciting and ambitious; learning implants, augmented reality, wearable learning.


Never miss a day:

This shift into instant and accessible learning opens up a wide world of possibilities - putting you on the edge of the game. We’ve all come a long way from days of gathering notes in the class. So that one could build up on education that made little sense in the class or be able to study when sick at home/hospital. All this was a big discomfort to the objective of learning. Not being physically present is no more a bane to enlightenment. mLearning is a powerful medium which removes this hurdle and addresses the needs of many at the same time.


Keep your tech up to date and find the right applications:

Technology continues to progress at a thrilling pace, hence the need for keeping your employee base or students up to date with all the latest knowledge of which to advance ourselves is vital. One of the challenges of this m-learning technology is keeping everyone connected regardless of the medium - mobile, handled, tablet, etc. What makes your life easy is that the platform is really slick. It all boils down to finding the right company to assist you make the learning “a superior experience”.


Learning from the comfort of your own home:

Our ability to retrieve information was restricted for many years to expensive, heavy, cumbersome textbooks that add unnecessary bulk to our lives. It is remarkable that one small device is now able to give us all the data we could ever need. In the past, losing or damaging a book would be an expensive and frustrating exercise. Now, even if we misplace or damage a device we can easily access any other technological apparatus with the same information intact. Instead of being forced to sit on an uncomfortable chair surrounded by odours of colleagues or students perusing text, we can now relax at home on the couch, or fill in time on public transport, all whilst studying internationally valid educational information.

Everyone is getting on board:

mLeaning is truly changing the way we see education and indeed far reaching areas such as security and intelligence. According to a technology assessment report by Chet Hosmer Carlton Jeffcoat, Matthew Davis, Thomas McGibbon, “Numerous agencies including the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Intelligence community, and law enforcement are utilizing mobile technology for information management."



International applications:

The interactive aspect of mLearning is also providing new, stimulating ways for students to interact with classes and teachers beyond their rural, city, or indeed entire country areas. Instant access and input into different areas means that burning questions can be answered promptly, any challenges discussed and solved instantly, and new ideas can be put forth and discussed on an open learning platform. The potential for bright minds that may have never been met due to geographic limitations can be bypassed, paving the way for incredible collaborations across the globe.


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