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Personalized Learning: Would You like Fries with That?!

Personalized Learning: Would You like Fries with That?!

In this constantly evolving world of learning technology, the phrase personalized learning seems to be a buzz phrase that is used as opposed to the “one-size-fits-all” form of instruction. The concept of personalized learning is still evolving as the supporting technologies and approaches emerge. The “personalized” form of learning involves connecting with the learner’s interest and experiences, by adjusting with the pace and the approach of the learner.

Personalized learning is...

  • A learning model that allows learners to progress according to his ability and pace of learning
  • Presenting information in various formats in order to engage the learner
  • Incorporating digital and online resources that provide “anywhere, anytime” learning

Personalized form of learning is not the same as adaptive style of learning. In adaptive learning, the real-time data collected with the help of technological media is used to direct the learner’s path. On the other hand, the personalized learning technology acts as a helping hand to enhance the learning experience and have a truly beneficial learning outcome. Personalized learning is intended to allow learners to actively participate in constructing their own curriculum. Whereas, our traditional methods of learning focus more on the curriculum that is defined by the instructor, allowing the instructor to play a vital role in the entire learning process.

So that the learner gets maximum benefits from personalized learning, it is important to use the right mix of technologies. Cloud-based learning solutions and mobile learning apps have become popular as instructors have found innovative ways of integrating these technologies into their learning, teaching, and assessment techniques. Correct use of technology and techniques allows greater engagement, retention, and autonomy than ever before – giving the learners a more active and responsible role in their own learning.

For example, in an MNC, an intern can choose to learn and upgrade his/her skills from the entire list of courses available. S/He could choose to learn or read only about those skills that are missing in his/her kitty. Or, a sales executive would prefer learning bits of information anytime, anywhere. Thus, this gives the learner greater flexibility in terms of time, space and pace.

Unlike adaptive learning, personalization empowers the learners to take matters in their own hands. Using the correct methodology and the correct technology, learners can maximize their learning experience. Go ahead – grab that bottle of ketchup!  


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